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The first step before you come and float with us, is to pick which unique room you would like to book. We are able to offer you 3 unique float experiences in the centre. The descriptions below will detail the differences between the spaces. If you still have questions or aren't sure, then just drop us a message.


The Cabin

If you like to spread out, float with a friend, or have a romantic float for two or fancy indulging in a bit of luxury, then the cabin is for you. You can also float on your own in the Cabin, perfect for any claustrophobic or first time floats. 


There is a walk-in double shower, plenty of space to get changed and enough room for one or two people to float at one time 

The Orbit

This spherically shaped, warm, enclosed and minimal air movement space is ideal what the Orbit is can provide.

It has plenty of space to float two or one, yet it won't leave you feeling like you're surrounded by space.


Housed in a spacious private room it's the best of both worlds. Private shower, room to change and cosy floating.

Orbit land.jpg

The Open Pod

If you like being cocooned, held all around, warmed from below for long floating sessions and from above (with Infa-red heat), then the Open pod is your phoenix, back in service with a new style.

It has plenty of space to float one, Holding you beautifully in a central floating position to go deeper into your experience.

This room has a private shower and space to change.

The Mobiliser

Available to be booked alongside every float session: We cannot recommend this highly enough


Simply book a Float & Mobiliser session during the checkout and then arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. 

The Mobiliser session is a wonderful way to wind down and stretch out ready for your float. We find users of the Mobiliser gain more mental and physical benefits from their overall experience.



Stress, back pain, jet lag, blood pressure, muscle tension, insomnia...


Concentration, cardio vascular efficiency, nutrient supply, recovery from injury or illness...


Immune system, self confidence, overall well being and health...


Meditative practices and a deeper understanding of yourself...

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