Frequently Asked QuestionS

Q. What is the difference between the Pod and Cabin?

A. The cabin is the size of a small swimming pool and is designed for one or two people to float at the same time.

    The pod is designed for one person to float at one time. 

Q. What is the Mobiliser? And how does it work?

A. The Mobiliser runs on a 15 minute automatic cycle, where your spine is flexed and extended. It works by getting movement into the spine, muscles and joints. It is a nice precursor to your float session and can enhance relaxation while providing additional pain relief benefits. Have a look at our Back In Action website for more information: or the Mobiliser website:

Q. How do I purchase Float sessions or Gift vouchers?

A. You can purchase float sessions via our online booking system on this website. Payment for float sessions are taken at the time of purchase, this secures your session.


Gift vouchers can be purchased via our packages and gifts tab above.

(Free Postage to UK Mainland Addresses Only).


Gift vouchers can be posted, emailed or can be ordered and picked up during our center's opening times: Tuesday to Saturday, between 9:30am to 4:30pm. We are closed on Public Holidays, Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday. Therefore, no gift vouchers will be sent out when the store is closed. 



Q. How do I book a session?

A. You can book a session via our online booking system on this website using our Paypal system. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can pay as a Guest with debit/credit card. Payment is taken in advance for all sessions. 


To book in with using a gift voucher please call 0117 316 9619 or pop into the center during opening hours.

You will need your unique reference number located in the middle of the voucher. 

Q.How do I pay? 

A. All commonly accepted UK credit / debit cards can be used at reception.

Payment is accepted via Paypal - via our online booking system
Clients can use Paypal Guest Checkout to pay online without a Paypal account. 
If you make your booking at reception we can also accept GBP pound sterling cash and/or debit/credit cards. 


Q. It is my first time floating, do I have to float for a full hour?

A. It is up to you! Some people take at least 20 minutes to fully relax and get into the float session, other people only take a few minutes to relax into the session. Some first timers find an hour is a little long for the first session - this is okay, floating can take practice and you can end your session at a time that works for you and your body.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are inside the Bristol Back In Action store opposite the Royal Marriott Hotel on College Green (the Co-Op is next door). Simply come into the store and walk down the stairs. 

Q. Where do you have a carpark?

A. The closest carpark to us is College Street Carpark BS1 5UU or Trenchard St Carpark BS1 5AN . Please allow at least 2 hours parking for a 1 hour float session. The last thing you will want to do after floating is rush off to the car park before your meter expires!
   **For disabled badge holders there is a loading bay at the front of the Back In Action store. It can be used for up to 3 hours**

Q. Can I float if I have a disability?

A. It depends. The centre is located on the lower ground level of the store, there are two large flights of stairs with handrails leading down to the float centre. You are welcome to leave your wheelchair on the ground level or bring it down the stairs.

We are always happy to chat so drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Q. Will I feel claustrophobic?

A.This is a common concern. You can choose to have the interior light on during the whole session if you like. However, once we have explained how the cabin or pod operate during the session, customers often go on to float with the light off. The great thing about the flotation experience is that once you get inside and lay back in to the warm, gentle water and experience the buoyancy it all starts to feel very relaxing and safe. The only issue we ever get is that some of our customers really don’t want to get out at the end of the session!

Q. What if I fall asleep during a float?

A.The experience of floating is very relaxing. So if you fall asleep, that's awesome! If you do drift off, you probably needed it.  It’s perfectly safe, and the water is so buoyant that it is very difficult to turn over. If you did roll over, the worst that could happen is waking up to a bit of salt in the eyes.

Q. What do I wear while I'm floating?

We recommend that you float nude, but of course it’s up to you! You will be in your own private room, with a shower and a lock on the door. Pretty much everyone floats naked, clothes can be distracting when you are trying to relax. Also, it gives your skin time to breathe and absorb the magnesium in the Epsom salts.

Q. Can I float during pregnancy?

A. Like many things, floating is not advised during the first trimester. It is also not recommended too soon after giving birth, until you have fully healed. Other than those times, floating can give profound relief from the physical strains of pregnancy. The uniform and gentle support of the water offer a comfort which cannot be found elsewhere. If you are finding lying in bed uncomfortable, the feeling of weightlessness floating offers will be a revelation. Floating offers a real rest for you and your baby.

Q. Can I float if I just dyed my hair?

A. Floating with dyed hair is okay, but not straight after dying it!  As a general rule, we recommend waiting at least 3 weeks after dying your hair, or 30 days for dyed shades of red.  Please make sure the water running through your hair when you shower at home is fully clear.  Sometimes this can take a few washes.  If there is any colour coming out, please leave it another wash or two before floating.

Q. Can I float if I've recently got a new piercing or tattoo?

A. All tattoos or piercings MUST be fully healed before floating. We advise therefore you wait at least 3 – 4 weeks before floating. As a test, try applying hand sanitiser to the area. If it stings, you wont be able to float yet.

Q. What is the minimum age for floating?

A. You must be over the age of 18. If you are below the age of 25, ID may be required. This applies with or without a parent/guardian being present.

Q. What should I bring with me?

A.You don’t need to bring anything but yourself and an open mind!

We will provide one towel per person, soaps, earplugs, a Vaseline-type product (for covering minor cuts and abrasions). Hairdryers are provided in both mens' and ladies toilets.

 If you wear contact lenses, please bring your kit to take them out.
 We request you arrive without make-up on, as it will contaminate the water with oils. You may wish to bring your make-up to apply in the toilets after your float session. 

Q. What can I expect when I arrive for my session?

A. First we will show you around the centre (toilets location etc). Then we will ask you to read/sign and date our Safe Floating Advice sheet - this can be viewed below.You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.


Then you will be shown to your own private room with your own personal shower and float tank. You will shower for 5 minutes including washing your hair, before going in to float. Afterwards, emerge transformed. Have another 5 minute shower afterwards to wash off the salt water.Then you can enjoy your relaxation in the post-float lounge where there will be Bristol Twenty herbal teas, books, artwork and comfy chairs. Take your time and relax! 

Safe Floating Advice

 Floating is extremely safe, but please read and follow these instructions:


 You will not be able to float If:

  • You have not been shown how to use the tank by a member of the centre staff.

  • You are currently under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

  • You have open or bleeding wounds.

  • You suffer from incontinence, nausea, uncontrolled epilepsy or depression (Floating is generally recommended for anxiety and depression, however, if you have any concerns, we recommend you seek advice from your medical practitioner before floating).

  • You are in your 1st Trimester of pregnancy.

  • You have been medically advised not to float.

  • You have freshly dyed your hair, spray tan or had a tattoo in the last three weeks.

  • You are not confident at getting out of the tank due to lack of personal immobility.

  • You are under 18 years old.


 Before Floating:

  • Remove all jewellery, all make-up, hairpieces, contact lenses and clothing.

  • Please use the toilet. Wash your hair and body, please make sure all the shampoo and body wash is rinsed off before entering the float tank.  

  • Use a small amount of Vaseline or a waterproof plaster to cover any cuts of abrasions on your skin after your 1st shower. Please do not put Vaseline on the bottom of your feet, use a waterproof plaster.

  • Put in earplugs before your first shower to avoid salt crystals irritating the ear drum with floating. They also help with your relaxation, by hearing your heartbeat and breathing.

  • You must not add any perfumes, bath salts or other chemicals to the water.

  • Do not smoke, drink or eat in the tank.

  • Use the handrails provided and exercise caution when stepping in and out of the tank, as the floor surface is slippery due to the salt content.


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