The Mobiliser
Revive your bodies flexibility for the best ever float experience
A unique all-body massage system


Our friendly staff will introduce you to both the Mobiliser and floatation experience.

Movement is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy spine, and it's considered to be a major factor in recovering from spinal injuries.


By combining our Spinal Mobiliser System with on-line interactive consultancy and our expert advice and guidance (The Mobiliser System™) we've helped thousands to improve their well-being and to improve their quality of life.


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The mobiliser

I am still using and enjoying the

Mobiliser twice a day for the past nine

months. The results from its use are life

changing, now pain free.


Previously I could only swim eight lengths breast-

stroke before a neck ache made it too unpleasant, now my

joints are no longer seized up so I can (and do) swim for great distances,

reaching a fitness level better than even my teenage years - I am sixty next month.

- Richard Gilbank

Mobiliser sessions are often taken before floating to align, relax and release the body in preparation for a nice transition to the float space. They can of course be used after if you prefer.

We ask that you arrive 20 mins before your float as Mobi sessions are just over 15 mins long.