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Mobiliser sessions are often taken before floating to align, relax and release the body. 

  • Stretches and massages muscles

  • Increases spinal flexibility

  • Encourages the body’s natural healing processes

  • Improves circulation and posture

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Add a 15 minute massage on to your float!


The Mobiliser is the most amazing way to relax yourself and your spine ahead of a floatation session. You don’t need to do anything but relax on a Mobiliser. It’s like combining a strong massage with a wave that moves up and down your body. 

If you are already flexible, you will love it straight away; if not, it may feel uncomfortable for the first few minutes of the session. The rolling action of the ‘thumbs’ will find the stiff places and knotted muscles and try to restore the flexibility that makes you feel fitter. If you experience increased pressure in certain areas of your back, or the feeling that it ‘can’t bend that much’, it is very likely that this is where the Mobiliser will be able to do you the most good.


Regular use can bring increased mobility you had forgotten about.


If you are interested in learning more about the Mobiliser, you can visit the Back in Action website here.


A 15 minute session is just a £10 add on to the float. We highly recommend purchasing this and having a session before your float.

Can I use it?

The Mobiliser can be used by everyone from those in need of relaxation to those with severe and debilitating back problems. If you have a specific condition, have metal work in your spine, or are in any doubt about whether you can use it, then just get in touch with us. 

*You will not be able to use the Mobiliser if you are pregnant.*

*Please arrive 20 minutes before your float time if you are booking a Mobiliser session.*

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