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Running - aided by regular floating

Floatation for sport

Be at the top of your game. Floating improves your focus and gets the job done more effectively.


Floatation has a wealth of uses within sports and elite fitness.


Between potentially strenuous training regimes, floatation is able to help create a deep physical relaxation.


The high density of magnesium and other salts in the skin-temperature water deeply relaxes muscles, and offers many health benefits.


Magnesium sulphate is vital to us, yet we are very deficient in our modern day diet. It acts as a lubricant to the joints, allowing freer range of movement for the spine and supporting muscles. During floatation it is possible to absorb significant amounts of this vital mineral. Magnesium can help to build up and maintain your immune system, which in turn allows you to perform at peak levels for longer.


It can also help to reduce your stress hormones and replace with natural endorphins, proven to be more effective than any stimulant.

Float for sport
Harry Meade chooses floatation

The 26 year old international eventer has an impressive competitive record, including representing Great Britain.


Harry recently added floatation therapy to his cutting-edge training regimes, all of which are designed to keep him at the top of his sport.


“It's an amazingly surreal feeling and very relaxing. As every muscle in your body switches off, it allows any aches and pains to come to the surface, and because your body is so relaxed, it helps you switch off mentally. It's the perfect antidote to aches and pains, as well as to feeling thoroughly stressed out! It was brilliant, and I'll definitely do it again.”

- Harry Meade

Harry Meade - Event Rider

The Mobiliser - Harry Meade's essential piece of riding kit


Harry Meade also regularly uses a medical-grade massaging machine to aid riding mobility. Back In Action's Mobiliser was recommended to Harry by his dressage trainer, Sandy Phillips, in 2008 - he now sees it as an essential piece of riding kit. Using the fifteen minute massage and mobilising routine twice a day, Harry says he feels straighter and more supple after he's used it.




“The 'Mobi' has worked wonders. It's an excellent aid for keeping supple on a day-to-day basis and particularly useful in managing injuries from falls”


- Harry Meade



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