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“At 38 weeks pregnant the float experience has been fantastic. Feeling so relaxed but energised so definitely recommend to all expectant mums!”

– Anon


“I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been feeling swollen, achey and stretched!... I awoke feeling refreshed, very awake and no aches and pains! I wish I had a pod at home”

– J Schofield




“Up until this point I have been living with NO ‘light at the end of the tunnel’; after a float, trial on the Mobiliser and long chat with Fiona, I feel my life will finally move on with the help of today’s activities… I cannot recommend it enough to help overcome the physical, by starting on the psychological”

– L Buck


“Didn’t realise floating could be such a grounding experience”

– Steve


“Exciting, intriguing, surprising experience. The best tool for deep rest and relaxation I have come across”

– L Hallam


“The feeling you are left with can only be described as inner peace. I will definitely be returning to do it again”

– P Walsh


“…harmonised my inner self to a calmness never felt before”

– K Jones-Brecow


“This has helped me to feel very purposed for very important meeting this afternoon”

– A Bennett,


Alexander teacher “Just want to get on with the day and see how this relaxed feeling with heightened mental awareness helps me today. Big day ahead”

– I Londesbrough


“Totally different experience – feel energised and focussed with a lot of things to go and do”

– N Darby


“Very relaxing and quite different to my first float. No sleeping this time but I had some good ideas about things that were on my mind”

– Helen





“Nursing a broken leg so felt great to be suspended, will definitely float again”

– Ashley


“My first float – what a fantastic experience! Was able to move and relax parts of my body I haven’t been able to move in years – will be back for more for certain!”

– K Wike


“Good for my neck pain and my husband’s back pain – very relaxing!” – David & Fern “Something I wish I had tried earlier. My body is now thanking me”

– P Casey


“They say that rarely second times are better than the first. Not so with the float and mobilisation package. A great way to stay supple and energise oneself”

– H and T Minas





“A fantastic stress reliever and definitely ‘me’ time”

– J Jennings-Wright


“Today is the day before my wedding and before that my brain was racing and I was feeling very nervous and anxious. I now feel completely relaxed and calm. Really pleased I was able to have this time away from a really hectic day. Thank you”

– S Córdenas


“I would recommend this to anyone as an antidote to stress or simply as a treat to yourself”

– E Hart


“A float is as good as a holiday but without the stress of the airports. Feeling totally refreshed” – Peta “You just float away from all your tensions and stress, they go down the plug hole!”

– B Paxton


“To be completely cut off from any worries, anxieties and thoughts is a delight and I now feel energised to tackle some of the pressures of life again. Thank you”

– N Darby





“So very relaxing, a hidden treasure right in the centre of town”

– E and L Arthur


“Amazing experience, our second float. First your body relaxes and your mind just follows. Always leave feeling great. Excellent experience topped by superb staff”

– Ryan and Nicola


“This experience was AMAZING – was able to completely lose myself and felt so relaxed after. The whole experience here was far superior to even the treatments available at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The before and after care, advice and environment are a rare find today. I will definitely recommend and return to floatation again. Thank you for restoring my inner calm”

– D Robb


“Third time floating here, excellent experience and service as always. Highly recommend”

– I Sones


“Relaxed body, clear mind. A great experience!” – J Wells “An amazing experience, a sense of relaxation unmatched by anything I’ve done before”

– Bill & Lou


“A truly fantastic, pain-free, peaceful hour. A great therapy for mind and body”

– A McCarthy


“Really rather nice, the first time I have ever been ‘weightless’ which is a novelty. I’m keen to explore the something in nothing more. Thank you for being really helpful and kind”

– Tessa


“There is something in nothing”

– R Stewart





“This is a particularly splendid float centre with very helpful and empathetic staff. Encourage your friends and loved ones to give this a go”

– John


“Thank you to the friendly people we were greeted by and the excellent facilities”

– A Muir and B Peach


“I was so relaxed afterwards that I put my underwear on the wrong way! Trust the experience. Here it is not just the float but the whole thing – great shower, lovely products, soft towels!”

– Nuala


“Was lovely to be able to concentrate on me knowing I couldn’t be reached by telephone etc. Staff excellent”

– C Todd

Adam – “My second experience in a floatation tank. Gained some insights into areas of my life I currently need to work on and also feel as though I’ve been physically reset”


Simon M – “Sail away to a mindful bliss”


Nicky Hayward – “Wonderful to return to the world of floating! I first tried floatation probably 25 years ago, at Jennifer Luckham’s Health & Beauty Centre in Bath. It is an extraordinary sensation, feeling your consciousness suspended in space – not strictly attached to your body. My skin and hair feel incredible now, and I’m looking forward to floating regularly for health reasons too. Very friendly, efficient service here. I love the cheerfully coloured pod (nothing at all like a coffin!) and the mesh floors that ensure you don’t slip when you get out feeling a bit dopey and zoned out. Love the coconut body wash too! My next experiment will be with the colour therapy. Oh, and the Mobiliser! How could I forget that. Incredible experience, very chilled and happy!”


Dan Doherty – “For someone that suffers from severe tinnitus this is a way to relieve and to stop the inner chatter of the mind. I’ll be doing the Triple Package again. Staff are lovely too”


Ken Ashford – “Heavenly after Glasto!”


L Willcox – “There’s nothing quite like it! Perfect start to my Bank Holiday weekend!”


Oli McBride – “First time floater, bit lost for words, I’m so relaxed right now! Great experience, didn’t want to get out. Thanks to all. X”


Will Griffin – “Your place is wonderful. Thank you for a beautiful float and a welcoming environment to emerge into”


Sharon and Garry – “A welcome treat after being a stressed teacher! Wonderful and relaxing. Thank you!”

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