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See what our guests thought...

"The dark, warmth and weightlessness of a float makes any concept of time or the outside world completely impossible to fathom. So it could've been 2 or 20 minutes into my float that I dropped into the deepest state of relaxation. "
- Lottie, Oyster and Pearl

"Went for the most amazing relaxation experience today, very good for the mind, body and soul. Would highly recommend!"
- K Brookfield

Bristol Float Centre
"...My baby initially responded by having a wiggle but soon relaxed with me.
It gave me an incredible feeling of almost knowing what the baby was experiencing in me.
The feeling afterwards is certainly one of deep relaxation, but also a sense of being revitalised and refreshed like you’ve just had a re-energising sleep.
I highly recommend a float to have an hour of really connecting with your baby."


- Caroline Flynn, 3rd trimester

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