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An Introduction to the Mobiliser

This post is about all the Mobiliser and the wonderful benefits of adding a £10 Mobiliser session before your float. We will also look at what you might gain by using a Mobiliser at home.

Bristol Float Centre is the sister company to Back in Action, founded in 1987 by an engineer recovering from a back injury, and an artist with a flair for design. They completed years of research to create their carefully curated collection of back healthy furniture and to develop amazing products, such as the Mobiliser.

What actually is the Mobiliser?

It's a 2m machine which you lie down on, on your back, fully clothed, with your head on a small pillow. There are two sets of rollers located inside the Mobiliser with 56 latex 'thumbs' on them. It is these rollers that move up and down the body, powered by a small yet strong motor located at the foot end of the Mobiliser.

The Mobiliser also has a heat pad at the bottom which warms up during the duration of the session. The beauty of the Mobiliser is that you don't have to move or engage with it, you get continuous passive motion for the duration of the 15 minute session.

We start everyone off using a softening pad on the Mobiliser to ease you in gently. After more regular use this pad can be removed, and weighted sand bags can even be added to ares like the chest and shins to allow a deeper press into the rollers.

At the simple press of a button, the sturdy rollers begin moving, travelling up the body, lifting and raising you. The rollers travel at a slow speed, moving in full sweeps of the body and also targeting individual areas. Depending on your level of flexibility, the sensation will feel something like a gentle wave, or the day after a heavy gym session, or something in between.

The Mobiliser gently mobilizes the spine and surrounding muscles, helping to alleviate stiffness, improve flexibility, and reduce pain. By targeting key areas of tension and restriction, The Mobiliser promotes better spinal alignment and enhances the body's natural healing processes.

If you are already flexible, you will love it straight away; if not, it may feel uncomfortable for the first few minutes of the session. The lifting action of the ‘thumbs’ will find the stiff places and knotted muscles and try to restore the flexibility that makes you feel fitter. If you experience increased pressure in certain areas of your back, or the feeling that it ‘can’t bend that much’, it is very likely that this is where the Mobiliser will be able to do you the most good.

Why should I book the Mobiliser session before a float?

The Mobiliser is the most amazing way to relax yourself and your spine ahead of a floatation session. You don’t need to do anything but relax on a Mobiliser. The repeated oscillation creates a deep stretching of the spine and prepares you for the flat posture position of floating. It enhances the overall effect and most users say that the movement in their spine is greater combining a Mobiliser session with their float.

Why is it worthwhile?

We spend a lot of time sitting in chairs that limit our mobility, often for many hours at a time. This lack of movement throughout the day can lead to muscles in the back becoming stiff and inflexible. This is often a cause of chronic back pain.  Those who experience early discomfort whilst using the Mobiliser are probably those who might benefit most from using it on a regular basis.

How can I get even more Mobiliser benefits?

As well as being able to have a Mobiliser session before your float, you can also pop in to the Back in Action store and have a session there. The first session in the shop it will be free, and then it's £15 for each session after that. You can also buy a block of 10 sessions for £110 and there is no time limit on using these.

Can I use a Mobiliser at home?

You absolutely can! The Mobiliser is available to buy via the Back in Action website here. It's exceptional value for a lifetime of home therapy. Most users share the benefits with family members and everyone benefits by being able to grab a treatment without waiting for an appointment with a therapist or even having to travel.

The Mobiliser can also be rented from the shop for £299 for a month (at the time of writing we have a special offer on for our float customers where you will get 2 months use for £299. This offer expires on 31/8/24).

All hire and purchase options include free one to one consultancy for up to four users.

Whichever home package you choose you can benefit from one or two sessions a day. This routine can become less frequent over time as you see improvement in your back health and flexibility.

How do I know that I will experience benefits from daily use?

Here are just a few direct quotes from people who have been Mobiliser users for years.

"I purchased my Mobiliser in 2018 and can honestly say it is used every day. I know when I need to lie on it – my body tells me – but as soon as I stand up after my session I feel like a new me! Wouldn’t be without it – Thank you on behalf of all back pain sufferers."

"Revolutionary – this has changed my life… I couldn’t manage without it. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.

"I rented one of the Mobilisers a few years ago for one month. I loved it so much that I extended the rental for a further 2 months. At this point I was completely sold and couldn’t bear to give it back! So I bought one. I have now had it for about 4-5 years and wouldn’t be without it."

"I have had the Mobiliser for 9 years and STILL use it daily. It has proved to be worth every penny. It comes on holiday with me every year. LOVE IT!! On my first trial – at Burleigh, you could have pulled me out of the tent roof it was so painful, I now use it without any pad, with 2 weights (plus an extra home made weight) and I’m addicted. Send me to sleep every time."

Here's a video of the Mobiliser in action, but the best way to understand what it's doing is to come and try it for yourself!


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